Your garage door has the potential to add or detract from your home’s curb appeal. An older garage door may function, but can take away from your home’s overall appearance. Garage Door Discounters offers residential garage doors in a variety of styles and colors to meet any need and budget.

We realize that different areas have different needs, as far as climate. Our materials are designed to provide style as well as protection, with materials such as wood, aluminum/glass, steel, and high-impact vinyl. Our options include glass and insulation packages, so that you can protect your home from the elements. In addition, we offer a number of garage door products that are specifically rated for hurricanes as well as those recommended for coastal doors. Our product specs list the wind ratings for a particular door, so that you can meet your area’s wind load requirements.

Having a quality garage door that offers the right amount of protection from the elements doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. With Garage Door Discounters, it’s easy to find the right door you need that also complements your home’s style. From the traditional garage doors, to carriage house or wooden garage doors, you will find a wide variety of styles and colors with our Door Builder feature.

When it comes to your garage door installation, you can elect the “DIY” option, or have it professionally installed by our network of professional national garage door installers. With Garage Door Discounters, we make it easy to get the garage door you need with the look that you want! Take the time to browse our Door Builder and get ready to select your new garage door!

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