How does professional installation work?

Garage Door Discounters works with local installers in your area. Our installers are recruited based on security clearances, number of personnel, number of vehicles, years in business and other factors to determine their professionalism and accountability as a garage door installer.

Upon ordering a door with professional installation, there will be a site check that occurs at the install location. The installer will contact you within 24-48 hours of purchase to schedule the site check (time of initial contact may vary in certain regions of the Country)

During the site check, the installation company will check for proper sizing, track configuration, local codes / permits, and more. The site check is done to ensure a proper install with the correct garage door and components.

It is important to note that the site check could possibly uncover additional items that would be needed for the install (ex: permits, jam boards, anchors, low headroom options, etc..). If additional items are required for the install, additional costs may apply. If there is a need for additional items/costs, we will contact you to let you know before moving forward with the install.

After the site check is complete and the site is approved for install, the installation will be scheduled.